At what degrees do we put the air conditioner to save money

If you search the EAC website you will find tips for saving energy and money

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We have now entered the summer months with the temperatures slowly rising while in the next period it will not be long before the first 40s arrive.

If you search the EAC website you will find tips for saving energy and money.

According to the EAC, in the summer months, it is preferable to use a fan instead of the air conditioner, as it consumes significantly less energy. Air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity, especially during peak hours, causing your electricity bill to skyrocket.

Because the summer in Cyprus is particularly hot, the air conditioner is in many cases a necessity. We do frequent maintenance to reduce consumption by up to 30% and set it to 26oC. Each degree lower consumes 7% more electricity for cooling/heating.

Also, we must ensure that parts of the house from which there is a possible loss of cooling, such as doors, windows, walls and roof, are adequately insulated. In this way we save up to 40% electricity.

Other ways to save energy

  • We keep our refrigerator away from places exposed to the sun or devices that generate heat, since they can increase energy consumption by up to 30%. Also, we make sure to defrost often and remember to always close the door.
  • We replace compatible bulbs with LED bulbs, which reduce energy consumption by up to 70% and last ten times longer.
  • For cooking, we use a pressure cooker, as this way we save 30%-60% energy, but also time.
  • Washing clothes and dishes is an integral part of our daily life. To reduce energy and water consumption, we fully fill the washing machines before each use and wash at the lowest possible temperature.
  • The electric iron consumes as much energy as 10 100 watt light bulbs. Ironing synthetic clothes with a warm iron, or folding large clothes before ironing, such as sheets, we can achieve great savings.
  • We remove small electrical appliances, such as chargers, from the outlet when we are not using them.
  • We prefer to turn off devices, such as the TV, rather than leave them in standby mode, since they are still consuming energy.