Shock for 33-year-old Filio who suddenly passed away (IMAGES)

The 33-year-old was transported to Larnaca General Hospital with pain and swelling in her leg.

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Mystery behind him sudden death of a 33-year-old Friendly from Larnaca, with the Police conducting an investigation.

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According to the Police, 33-year-old Filio was transported on February 8 by her husband to Larnaca General Hospital with pain and swelling in her leg.

Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where she ended up the same day.

The legal autopsy on her body was performed on February 9 by the orthodox Orthodox medical examiner.

Samples were taken for histopathological examinations and the results are awaited.

According to his report ANT1 citing testimony from a relative of the unfortunate woman, Golgotha ​​began a month ago when she bruised and swollen her finger.

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That morning, the 33-year-old was vaccinated with the Moderna preparation. As stated in his report by ANT1, her family has a history of thrombophilia. The 33-year-old had reported it to the staff of the vaccination center, from which she received assurances that she could be vaccinated without risk.

As soon as she bruised and swollen her finger, the unfortunate mother went to the hospital, where the doctor who examined her reassured her that the bruising and swelling were not related to her vaccination, and sent her home.

Last week, the woman was diagnosed with a virus.

"She got sick with a virus because she had a child and that with a virus, and after a few days, she started to have symptoms of a virus, ear, throat, fever. The fever was unbearable, we thought it was a virus and it would pass. In the following days she started to have very horrible pains in her leg and body ", said a relative of the 33-year-old.

The symptoms were persistent and did not subside, so her husband took the unfortunate woman to a private doctor.

"Wherever they were told that 99,9% of them probably had coronavirus, they simply had not been seen in a test they had done. They were told there was no reason to worry. They told her it is a virus that she will pass on at home, do not worry, nothing will happen ", commented a relative of the unfortunate woman.

The doctor prescribed medication to the unfortunate woman.

According to her family, and according to his report ANT1, the fever subsided for a while, however the leg pains intensified.

According to her relative, "On Tuesday morning he was transported in a miserable condition, with a swollen leg to the Larnaca General Hospital. "There was a long delay, the girl was waiting for two hours in the emergency room."

Eventually they examined the unfortunate woman, she was admitted to the hospital, and specifically to the Covid ward. Because they considered that her condition was serious, they transferred her to the Intensive Care Unit and she was intubated.

According to the family, the doctors reported to her husband that they found blood clots in the abdomen, and only a little later the unfortunate woman left her last breath in the intensive care unit.

During the legal autopsy, which was performed on Wednesday at the General Hospital of Nicosia, by a medical examiner of the state service, no obvious causes of death were found, so samples were taken for histopathological examinations.

As stated in his report by ANT1, the family also appointed a medical examiner, who is awaiting instructions from relatives on whether to proceed with a second post-mortem examination.