Christina's father is shocked: If they had followed the Law, my daughter would have lived

Ten years after the murder of Christina, Mr. Kalaitzidis appeared before the Parliament exposing principles and system

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Her father, Christoforos, spoke on the SIGMA show "Protoselido" about the case of the murder of his daughter Christina Kalaitzidou.

Ten years after the murder of Christina, Mr. Kalaitzidis appeared before the Parliament exposing the authorities and the system.

As he said on the show, this is an unprecedented case where the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus "had fallen out with the exclusion of criminal activity".

It is a shame that the parents took the initiative to search and find the true cause of their daughter's death, he stressed.

"Two years of suffering, two years of sleeplessness, exhaustion psychologically and financially without any experience, the investigation of the cause of death led us in the right direction," he said.

He noted that he has shocking evidence which proves that the Authorities themselves had committed a crime, referring to the initial conclusion that the unfortunate Christina had died from fumes.

With the insistence of the family, the exhumation of Christina's body was successful, with Mr. Kalaitzidis noting that "we found our daughter's murderer".

"The investigation was not difficult for me, the difficulty was the obstacles of the Authorities who did not listen to me", he said characteristically.

After the investigation and findings, it was determined that Christina's killer was her ex-husband, whom she had reported for domestic violence.
The police did not take their measures correctly, the father said.

"My child did not give up so easily, he had fought with him and left scratches on his face, marks which were obvious. All the authorities needed to do was take DNA from my daughter's fingernails. Nothing had been done," he said.

It is a shame and disgrace for this state, he added.

The family is now raising Christina's three children, without any financial help from the state, as she said.

She noted that her ex-husband had over eight warrants for his arrest, stating that what bothered him was the fact that there was a warrant for his arrest and five months in jail two days before the murder, yet he had not been arrested. If they followed the Law my daughter would live, he added.