The circumstances of the double fatality are shocking – The pedestrian jumped from the railing

The circumstances of the double fatal accident are shocking

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The conditions of the double are shocking deadly accident on Friday night on the Agia Napa-Rizoelias highway, in which the 50-year-old constable Petros Eleftheriou and a 48-year-old European citizen lost their lives.

According to the Police Spokesman, Christos Andreou, at around 20:00 on Friday night, information was received that a pedestrian was on the highway in the direction from Ayia Napa to Rizoelia and then 3 members of the Force responded.

As Mr. Andreou mentioned, when the members arrived at the scene, they spotted the person moving on the highway and blocked the road to remove him. Then the man, as noted by Christos Andreou, jumped from the railing in the opposite direction, with the constable crossing with his vehicle to the opposite side of traffic and the motorcyclists of group Z following him.

“Our member parked in the safe lane with his headlights on and in his attempt to restrain the person to protect him, a vehicle passing on the freeway swerved and mortally wounded both of them".

Mr. Andreou continued, several pieces of evidence have been received to investigate the new traffic accident. The 45-year-old driver of the vehicle underwent a drug and breathalyzer test with a zero reading.

The Police decided to declare three days of mourning and the flags will fly at half-mast, noted Mr. Andreou.