Road Safety Council: 44 people lost their lives on the asphalt in 2021

From January 1, 2021 until today, there have been 43 deadly road collisions with 44 dead,

car accident Giannis Karousos, Road Safety

From January 1, 2021 until today, there have been 43 deadly road collisions with 44 dead, of which 14 motorcyclists and six pedestrians, said the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Giannis Karousos after the meeting of the Road Safety Council, chaired by with the participation of the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Stefis Drakou.

Moreover, iThe impact of the pilot operation of the traffic light system on the Cypriot roads is considered to be significant in terms of road awareness. that is, as he said, which reaches 800%.

Add that to the points where fixed cameras have been installed, violations such as a combination of speed and traffic with a red light, "have been reduced from an average of 4,2 per day to 0,9".

Mr. Karousos said that the pilot application from October 25, 2021 of the photo-labeling system "Confirms our assessment that this could save human lives lost on the road network."

Explain that "The duration of the pilot phase is three months and it uses eight cameras, four mobile and four at fixed points while the system in full development will include 90 fixed cameras in 30 locations across Cyprus, as well as 20 mobile cameras".

In relation to the road collisions involving motorcyclists, the Minister of Transport referred to a number of actions that are being launched to reduce them, taking into account that, according to the Road Safety PIN report, for the period 2018-2020, Cyprus recorded in European level, the highest percentage of dead young motorcyclists who did not wear a helmet, which amounted to 50% ".

Note that "The statistics for the three years 2017-2019 are also a cause for concern, which show that out of the total number of deaths in road collisions, 59% were drivers and passengers of motorcycles.

"This is why we took the initiative, in the framework of which I personally met with almost all organized motorcycle ensembles, and listened carefully to their suggestions, a significant number of which we promoted, recognizing that motorcyclists know better than anyone what measures should be taken. to improve their road safety and I would like to thank them for that ", said the Minister of Transport.

He added that "in this context, specific actions and amendments to legislation have been prepared and promoted."

In particular, they include, inter alia, "Amendments to the Driving License Law 2021 concerning the expiration of the student driving license after two years from its issuance, in order to limit the phenomenon of riding a large motorcycle without a regular license".

Mr. Karousos said that "the holder of a student motorcycle license will be able to use the road network only with an instructor, while motorcycle riders, for professional purposes, must necessarily use specific protective equipment."

The actions that are launched include the criminalization of driving during work if the driver does not have a driving license of the category of the vehicle with which he works / drives as well as a legislation for Instructors and Driving Schools.

As the Minister of Transport explained, The new legislation includes modernization regulations and innovative changes, such as, post-secondary education in recognized schools for driving instructors, upgrading of tools that Driving Schools must have with the introduction of modern learning systems, lifelong training of driving instructors and continuous evaluation.

In addition to, A subsidy plan for protective equipment for motorcyclists is being implemented for the period 2022-2024, with a budget of 1 million and 50 thousand euros, ie 350,000 euros per year. The aim is to subsidize all types of protective equipment, with priority given to the subsidy for protective equipment such as vest-airbag. The plan will enter into force in the first half of 1.

In his statements, the Minister of Transport stressed that within 2022 "The actions concerning other vulnerable groups of the road network such as cyclists and pedestrians will be intensified" and in this context "the data collected are already being evaluated and in consultation with other services significant changes are being made".

He added that he will take the initiative for meetings with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Defense, in the presence of other co-competent services to strengthen the educational tools on road safety issues.

In view of the Christmas and New Year holidays, Mr. Karousos addressed all the users of the road network, conveying the wish, "these holidays to be days of joy in every house in Cyprus".

He noted that "we can not afford to lose our fellow human beings on the road for this year, let us all reach our destination and our loved ones safely."

For her part, the Minister of Justice and Public Order stated that the goal of all participants in the meeting is to cultivate road awareness and culture needed in order to be effective in dealing with accidents.

He added that the Road Safety Council at its meeting considered issues such as photo labeling, which will officially start operating on the 1st of the new year and the successful institution of Ambassadors, Road Safety, which will continue.

For 2022, Road Safety Ambassadors, Messrs. Alexis Dimitriou and Michalis Sophocleous.

The meeting also discussed actions that should be targeted at the causes of accidents as well as the necessary amendments that should be made to the legislation, in order to address gaps that were identified, said the Minister of Justice.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the participants also had the opportunity to review the actions for 2021, in the framework of the Strategic Road Safety Plan 2021-2030. Emphasis was placed on the actions of the Road Safety Ambassadors, aimed at informing and raising public awareness on the major issue of road safety.

Finally, the Ministers of Transport and Justice conveyed their warm thanks to Rafaela Miltiadou and Marina Kyriakou who served the institution of Road Safety Ambassadors and contributed positively to the enlightenment of the citizens.

Apart from the two Ministers, the meeting was attended by officials of the Police, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and other competent Services.