Scams with postal packages continue - This is how they deceive citizens

Police recommend caution

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The Police advises the public to be aware of a new scam with messages related to the sending of packages by post and intended to steal money and personal data of citizens.

In particular, messages are sent by telephone and refer to the sending of packages through postal services, for which, as falsely stated in the messages, duties must first be paid, so that the packages can then be received. The telephone messages contain an electronic link, which citizens are invited to select/follow in order to arrange the payment of customs duties.

Citizens who receive such messages are urged to be particularly careful and NOT to select/follow the specific electronic links, since there is a risk of money being stolen from their bank accounts and their personal information being intercepted.

In cases where citizens are actually expecting the delivery of postal parcels, it is recommended that they check the progress of their parcels, either by contacting the seller or sender of the parcels, or by contacting the courier company through which the shipment is handled, assuming that they know which is the company.