48-year-old arrested for "online" threats against pediatricians - He was against the vaccination of children

The 48-year-old posted threats and insults against doctors on social media

threat online 1 THREATS

The 48-year-old resident of Limassol was arrested yesterday by the Police in order to facilitate the investigations regarding an investigated case of threats and incitement to commit a criminal offense.

A testimony was obtained against the 48-year-old, during the investigation of a complaint of the Cyprus Pediatric Society, for threats posted on social media against members of its Board of Directors, after its announcement regarding the vaccination of children over 12 years old.

Based on the testimony obtained, a 48-year arrest warrant was issued against him, under which he was arrested. Subsequently, after being questioned, the 48-year-old was charged in writing to be summoned before a court.

The Limassol TAE is investigating the case.