The 82-year-old man who shot a burglar in Limassol was arrested for attempted murder

The burglar who was shot is critical – The elderly man was arrested for attempted murder

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A case of attempted murder involving a 67-year-old victim, a resident of a village in the district of Limassol, is being investigated by the Police, members of which proceeded to arrest an 82-year-old man, to facilitate the investigations.

Specifically, around 7.15 p.m. yesterday, the 82-year-old contacted the Police by phone and reported that while he was at his home, in a village in the district of Limassol, he spotted an unknown man stealing cables. The 82-year-old also reportedly said that to intimidate the unknown man, he fired a shot in the air with his shotgun, causing the unknown man to run away.

Members of the Police went to the scene, where they conducted tests. During the examinations, an injured 67-year-old man with back injuries was found nearby.

An ambulance was called to the scene and transported the 67-year-old to the Limassol General Hospital first and then to a private clinic, where he underwent surgery and was kept for hospitalization. His health condition is considered critical.

A judicial arrest warrant was issued against the 82-year-old, under which he was arrested and detained to facilitate investigations.

The TAE Limassol, in collaboration with the Lania Police Station, are investigating the case.