A 46-year-old man was arrested in Spain for 132 kg of cannabis in Limassol

The 46-year-old was wanted by the authorities of the Republic


The Police, after cooperating with the Spanish authorities, proceeded yesterday to arrest a 46-year-old man, in connection with an investigated case of drug trafficking, and specifically a quantity of 132 kg of cannabis, which was imported into Cyprus and detected by members of the Anti-Narcotics Service - YKAN, last March , in Limassol.

The 46-year-old was wanted by the authorities of the Republic, who issued a European arrest warrant against him, following evidence that emerged during the investigation of the case. He was recently located in Spain and arrested with the European warrant, while after a judicial procedure, the Spanish authorities approved the request for his extradition to Cyprus.

Members of YCAN traveled to Spain and yesterday escorted the suspect by air to Larnaca airport, where upon their arrival they proceeded to arrest him with a judicial warrant.

This morning, the 46-year-old was brought before the Limassol District Court, which, at the request of the Police, issued a four-day detention order for the purpose of investigating the case.

The coordination of cooperation and communication with the Spanish authorities was carried out by the Interpol Nicosia Office, the Directorate of the European Union - International Police Cooperation - DEE-DAS, of the Police Headquarters.

The large amount of drugs was located in a container at the New Port of Limassol, after investigating information and based on the evaluation of evidence and testimonies. The container was reportedly unloaded from a ship that arrived at Limassol New Port on March 03, 2022. According to the description of the container, it contained 915 bags of animal feed.

On March 8, 2022 the container was moved to a warehouse at the Port area where after securing a court warrant and with the cooperation of the Customs Department, it was opened and searched. During the investigation, 24 pallets with a number of feed bags were located, while in two pallets, hidden in feed bags, 132 airtight nylon packages containing a quantity of cannabis weighing approximately 132 kg were found.

YKAN (Limassol Ladder) continues the exams.