The Ministerial Meets in Troodos - Examines Turkish Cypriot passports and the new academic year

The Ministerial Meets in Troodos - Examines Turkish Cypriot passports and the new academic year

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The President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis will chair today, Monday, at 10.30 am, a meeting of the Council of Ministers, at the Presidential Residence, in Troodos.

During the meeting, according to information from KYPE, the Council of Ministers is expected to discuss the issue of revocation or not of travel documents of the Republic of Cyprus by "officials" of the pseudo-state.

It is also expected to be discussed, among other things, whether unvaccinated students will enter their courses with a PCR or rapid test in the new academic year.

The Council of Ministers may, as a competent source told KYPE, finally decide not to discuss it at the session of 23 August, but at the next session of the House, on 1 September, so that time is given to consider a few more days. the epidemiological picture showing signs of improvement.

Another reason for the possible postponement of the discussion of the issue, it was noted, is the disagreements that seem to exist between the stakeholders, in order to give time for further discussion of the issue in order to make a decision with which everyone will agree.

In addition, as informed by KYPE, the Council of Ministers is expected to raise the issue of costing measures and actions concerning the Fire Service with the aim, inter alia, of strengthening the framework for fire prevention and response.

The measures, which will be presented before the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris, are a result of the wide meeting held on July 12, 2021 at the Presidential Palace, under President Anastasiadis, after the catastrophic fire in mountainous Larnaca and Limassol province with four dead and which burned 55 square kilometers of wildlife, houses, premises and cars.

During that meeting, specific measures were recorded to strengthen the framework for the prevention and response to these phenomena, such as, for example, the strengthening of communication methods between the Services, the upgrading of the institution of volunteers, the strengthening of the prevention framework, the further utilization of technology , the tightening of the legislative framework and the immediate imposition of private means.