The words of the mobster in EL.AS: "I was in Cyprus and I came for a funeral"

He lived in Cyprus and was wanted for years for executions of death contracts

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In the hands of the Greek authorities is a Georgian, who lived in Cyprus and was wanted for years for executions of death contracts. An arrest warrant was pending against the 48-year-old for the murder of the notorious Russian mobster Alexander Solonik and the Russian.

The case of their murder in 1997 had shocked the whole of Greece as the executors dismembered and hid in a suitcase the Russian who was also a former model, while they executed and threw the Russian mafia boss in a field near Lagonisi.

In 2005, the Greek authorities issued a warrant for the 48-year-old and according to information, they were informed yesterday that he was hiding in Cyprus and would travel to Thessaloniki. The police located him and arrested him at the Macedonia airport.

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He "flew" from Cyprus for a funeral

The 48-year-old "Hellenized" Georgian arrived at 10:58 with Olympic Airways flight 547 at terminal 1 from Larnaca and when he underwent a check of his data and a fingerprint, it was found that an arrest warrant was pending against him since 2005 for his murder. gangster and 19-year-old beautiful friend of Svetlana Kottova in Lagonisi, the police handcuffed him without giving him the slightest opportunity to react.

Georgianos was caught in the nets of the airport police after information from Interpol that "gave him" stating that the person with the information that came out in the name of Karsliadis Ioakeim of Vassilios and Nina with date of birth 30/1/1974, is a wanted Georgian . Thus, in addition to the formal check, he underwent a fingerprint examination and was arrested immediately, while the Greek identity card, as it was established, had been with him since 2000 and had been issued by the Greek authorities.

He did not want to say much to the police, only that he traveled from Cyprus to Greece to go to a funeral, while 10 years ago he had returned to report to the army.

Who was Solonik?

Solonik will become a member of the local mafia, taking up arms as a paid executor. One of his first jobs was "The Godfather" of a rival gang, which he will assassinate in 1990. After this assassination, Solonik will go to Moscow with other members of Kurgan's gang to find work.

In 1992, Solonik would assassinate Viktor Nikiforov, and six months later he would assassinate another important Godfather. This time the victim was Valerie Dlugatz, while having fun in a crowded club, surrounded by several of his bodyguards and without injuring any third person.

In a short time, Alexander Solonik will become the highest paid executor of the Russian mafia and will acquire the nickname "Alexander the Great".

Solonik will not hesitate to kill the most powerful Godfathers of the time for a small fee. At the same time, however, he will be targeted by the Muscovite police and everyone wanted to arrest him. Eventually they will succeed in a well-planned operation in a pub, but there will be a fight, with Salonik pulling out a small automatic pistol and shooting some police officers.

Solonik was seriously injured in the clash, however, he managed to escape. He will be caught a little later that day and before he is taken to prison again, he goes through the hospital to have the bullet that was nailed to his kidney removed. Despite being transferred back to Moscow's High Security Prison "Detention Center 1", in 1995 he was able to escape again after eight months in solitary confinement, although it was rumored that he would need help from within.

With the police pursuing him but also with open accounts in the Russian mafia, Solonik will come to Greece, where he will finally find permanent refuge and will quickly set up his own criminal group, from Russians who had fled here and returned to the former USSR. His headquarters will be Thrakomakedones and Lagonisi, while he will be circulating with a false identity as a Russian expatriate named Vladimir Kessov. A name widely used by his team in fake identities, as evidenced by the 1995 massacre outside a nightclub in Menidi. Alexander Solonik is said to have controlled at least 40-50 people.

On January 25, 1997, 21-year-old Svetlana Kotova, a well-known Russian model, who had also won the title of Miss Russia in 1996, will come to Greece at the invitation of Solonik.

Alexander and Svetlana will meet in a Moscow club, with Solonik impressed by the Russian beauty. The couple will stay at the villa of Solonik in Lagonisi and will have a pleasant and very romantic time, as Svetlana had mentioned to her mother, in the telephone communication they had.

On January 30, 1997, members of Kurgan's gang will visit Solonik at his villa. Three days later, on February 2, the Greek Police will find Svetlana Kotova dead, which was cut, in a suitcase and in a voyage bag, in a makeshift grave and at a distance of 300 meters from the villa of Alexander Solonik in Lagonisi.

The next day, Solonik himself was found strangled with a cable in a deserted area of ​​Varybobi, while he was holding a bag of weapons, wigs, fake papers, bullets and tickets to Italy, where he was ready to travel for another contract. death, as revealed by the Greek Police.