Tatar: "To stop chasing the outdated dreams of EOKA"

Ukrainian and Cypriot discussed Tatar-Sarma

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The importance of the immediate end of the war in Ukraine and its position for two equal and sovereign states in Cyprus, was expressed by the Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar, to Azai Sarma, in charge of the United Kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Cyprus issue.

According to reports in the occupied territories, the meeting took place yesterday in the office of Mr. Tatar, in the presence of the British High Commissioner, Steven Lilly and the special representative of the Turkish leader, Ergun Olgun.

Expressing his desire for the consolidation of peace through the operation of a dialogue mechanism, Mr. Tatar said that "human tragedies due to war must end."

A statement from the "presidency" states that the Cyprus issue was also discussed at the meeting, with Ersin Tatar informing the British official that in case the sovereignty and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots are confirmed, they are ready to start formal negotiations and reiterate their position. a solution based on the cooperation of two sovereign, perhaps states.

He also reiterated that after the referendums on the Annan plan in 2004, the Greek Cypriots "unjustly" entered the EU and criticized that the unjust - in his words - "embargo" against the Turkish Cypriots have not yet been lifted.

After Brexit, he continued, the United Kingdom could implement more flexible policies in its relations with the Turkish Cypriots on issues such as direct trade and the lifting of "isolation".

Meanwhile, in a written statement and commenting on a report by YPAM, Charalambos Petridis to Grigoris Afxentiou and that "it is our duty to continue the fight against Turkey until the end", Ersin Tatar said that the Greek Cypriots still can not see the realities on the island and run after a dream.

The speeches made at the events in memory of Grigoris Afxentiou, the second in the class of the "terrorist organization" - in his words - of EOKA, who killed T / C and wanted to make the island Greek, show - as Mr. Tatar claimed - that the mentality of the Greek Cypriots has not changed at all.

While the "e / k administration", he said, brought the MOE to the fore, on the other hand it continued the armament activities and the military exercises and instilled the "Turkish hostility" in the youth. Ersin Tatar advised "to stop chasing EOKA's outdated dreams".