End of the thriller of the disappearance of 25-year-old Giorgos- He has been located and is fine

The thriller of the disappearance of Giorgos Panagiotou had a happy ending

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The thriller of the disappearance of Giorgos Panagiotou, who was absent from his home in Monagri, since the dawn of Tuesday (17/1), had a happy ending.

According to the Police, the 25-year-old returned to his home shortly after one in the morning and is in good health.

Information states that the 25-year-old presented himself at a police station, explaining that he had gone missing in the area of ​​Lania. He was then examined by a doctor, who found that the young man was in good health.

It is noted that the 25-year-old's vehicle was found burnt, alerting the authorities, who were "combing" the area of ​​Monagri village, in an attempt to locate his traces.

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