End of the curfew from June 10 - What will apply from May 29

Meetings in homes of up to 20 people from June 1 - Read in detail

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The announcement of the Minister of Health

At today's meeting of the Council of Ministers, I informed the President of the Republic and my fellow Ministers about the clear improvement of the epidemiological data of the last few days. After evaluating the data and in the context of the strategy for gradual restart of the economy and social activity, the Council of Ministers took the following decisions:

  1. From the 29 May, the travel ban is valid from 1 in the evening until 5 in the morning. As of June 10, the travel ban ends.

From 1η June, the following are permitted, inter alia:

  1. The presence in the homes of people with a maximum number of 20 people, including permanent residents and minors.
  2. The physical presence of persons indoors, such as religious places of worship, casinos, conference and trade fair venues, theaters, amphitheaters and other performing arts venues is set at 50% of the capacity of each venue.
  3. The reopening of the interiors of catering businesses, based on the health protocol.

From the 10 June, including:

  1. The nightclubs are reopening, on the basis of a health protocol.
  2. The limit of 50% physical presence in private companies and departments / organizations of the public and wider public sector is lifted.

Details of the decisions regarding the operation of the sports venue will be announced by the Cyprus Sports Organization.

All decisions of the Council of Ministers will be regulated by a Decree and will be valid until June 30. More explanations will be issued later in the day.