TEPAK: With €200 a month you host a student in your home

Family Hosting for Students

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Securing accommodation is the biggest problem/challenge faced by TEPAK students from outside Limassol.

The demand for private apartments far exceeds the supply. The University's and the Archdiocese's available homes are not enough.

Rent requirements for private apartments are outrageously high. Number of students cannot study under these conditions.

TEPAK decided on this practice which is very widespread and successful abroad. Family Hospitality for Students.

The Student Host Family is an arrangement in which an active Student of the Cyprus University of Technology is hosted in a secure hosting environment for a period that can last from a few months to the entire duration of studies.

The Student Host allows a student to live in a safe and welcoming family home in Limassol, paying a low, nominal monthly accommodation fee (€200) so that the Host covers the basic extras expenses. Does not include board/meals.

The Housing Office of the Study and Student Welfare Service has designed, coordinates and supports this program free of charge.

The process has been opened.

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