No more speed limit tolerance - The cause of motorway accidents

New measures from October 1

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Due to the increase in road accidents and accidents in residential areas, the road safety council and the police evaluated the incidents and took corrective actions.

From October 1, the tolerance of exceeding the speed limit in residential areas is permanently reduced and from 20%, the tolerance drops to 10%, as stated by Road Safety Advisor Andreas Papas.

Until now, a tolerance of 20% was set at the speed limit, now in residential areas it will be reduced to 10%. In more detail, where the speed limit is 30 km, the driver will be reported at 35, where the limit is 50, it will be 10% plus 2, so they will be reported at 58 km.

In the next 15-20 days there will be an enlightenment campaign so that the citizens are informed about the increase of the fines with the aim of the citizens' compliance.

For the highways, the limit will remain as it was with Mr. Papas emphasizing how important it is to keep our distance from the vehicles in front, in order to avoid undesirable events, such as a collision.

More specifically for the collisions in Nicosia, he stated that the reason they are made is due to the non-observance of distance. Mr. Papas reported the most common incident that occurs on the highway, when the two lanes are occupied and someone enters the highway from the exit Pera Chorio-Nisou, the first car that follows in order not to hit, stops abruptly resulting in a collision.

Due to the fact that 7 to 8 thousand cars enter the capital daily at 6-8 in the morning, it is recommended to drivers to be especially careful.

Source: Sigmalive