Will trucks be banned 24 hours a day?

The debate in Parliament begins today - The Transport Committee also decides on whether KYP vehicles will be able to exceed the speed limit

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At the focus of today's session of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, Communications and Projects will be the possible establishment of timetables for the movement of large vehicles and trucks, on the highways of Cyprus.

These include trucks, barrels and vehicles with concrete pumps.

At the same time, the deputies will look for ways to monitor the relevant legislation regarding the maximum permitted speed of these vehicles.

The issue was registered by the President of the Committee and Member of Parliament of DIPA - Cooperation of Democratic Forces, Marinos Mousiouttas.

For the matter, representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, the Road Transport Department of the same ministry, the Cyprus Police, the Licensing Authority, the trade unions PEO, SEK, DEOK and the employers' organizations OEB, KEBE and C have been invited to attend .S. POVEK.

The KYP requests the right to exceed the speed limit 

The agenda also includes the amendment of the law with the aim of exempting, under conditions, the vehicles of the Cyprus Information Service (CYP) from the obligation to observe the speed limit.

This will only concern cases where this is deemed necessary for the effective fulfillment of the Service's mission, as is currently the case for ambulances, Police and Fire Service vehicles.

It is the third time that the bill in question has been discussed in the Committee, and according to information, the aim is to make a final decision in order to bring it to the Plenary for a vote.

The sessions on September 7 and 14 were preceded.

In the framework of the committee's meetings, representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, the KYP and the Legal Service were invited and attended before it.

In the context of the examination of the bill before the committee, the Deputy Commander of the KYP pointed out that the need for the proposed amendment arose after the independence of the KYP from the Police with the passing, in 2016, of the legislation governing the KYP.

He then pointed out that during the period from 2016 until today, the vehicles owned by the KYP belonged to the Police, so no problem was observed in the relevant work and its mission.

However, in the context of the reorganization that has taken place since then, the KYP, the issue under consideration was deemed to have to be regulated by law in order for the Service to be able to respond legally and effectively to its duties, which are just as important as those of the Police, concerning security of the country and the time factor is often a crucial element in their successful execution.

In addition, he clarified that the exception to the observance of the speed limit will be allowed only in cases where the mission requires it.

Responding to the concerns expressed by members of the Commission on whether the exception will be applied exclusively and only when the mission makes it absolutely necessary, the Deputy Commander assured the MPs that this is already regulated further by internal circulars of the Service.

At the same time, in relation to the possibility of a traffic accident between a CYP vehicle and a citizen's vehicle, the regime that governs these cases and applies to all public sector vehicles will apply.

Source: Sigmalive