They will make a five kilometer tunnel in Pentadaktylos, says Arikli

Kıbrıs writes that they "pressed the button" for the implementation of the Pentadaktylos tunnel construction project

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Kıbrıs (17.08.23) writes that they "pressed the button" for the implementation of the Pentadaktylos tunnel construction project, which had been discussed many times in the past, as stated by the so-called Minister of Transport and Works Erhan Arikli.

In a written statement issued by his "ministry", it is reported that speaking to the Turkish television station Eko Türk, Arikli said that they implemented important projects with the help of Turkey and added that they discussed in the "council of ministers" the construction of tunnels in the Pentadaktylos mountains for to make land access between central Mesaria and the northern coasts of the island easier and safer.

According to Arikli, the so-called prime minister gave instructions to carry out a study in this direction.

As Arikli mentioned, they are working on two alternative options in this matter. One is the construction of a tunnel between Dikomos and Kyrenia and the other between Kythrea and Klepini. He specifically said the following:

"We are implementing the tunnel project specifically to direct the traffic on the Kythraia-Agios Epiktitos road which is known as the Mountain Road of Kyrenia and in general to facilitate traffic between central Mesaria and our northern coasts and make it safer. Now we are in the last stage."

Noting that experts were invited from Turkey to the occupied territories to study the viability of the tunnel and that work continues with the "highway department", Arikli pointed out that the length of the tunnel will be 5 kilometers and its cost is estimated at 75-100 million dollars.

They focus on 2-3 destinations for direct flights

Referring to the inauguration of the new terminal building and the runway of the illegal airport in Tymbu held on July 20, Arikli described it as the second largest investment in the history of "TRNC" after the transfer of water from Turkey, expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to its implementation.

"But there is a big goal ahead of us and that is the start of direct flights," he said, arguing that the economic dimension of direct flights is more important than politics and that if they achieve the passenger potential they will be able to make direct flights to the illegal airport from any part of the world.

Noting that serious efforts are being made on the issue of direct flights, Arikli said that they are currently focusing on 2-3 destinations and that they expect to get results on this issue in the near future.

Source: GTP