"We will arrest them again" Πά Fever in Paphos for the arrest of the fugitives

The two wanted persons are allegedly involved in more than forty cases of burglary and theft, houses and vehicles

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Investigations are continuing at an intensive pace to locate the persons who escaped from their legal detention in the early hours of Saturday, according to the Spokesman and Head of the Paphos TAE, Michalis Nikolaou. 

According to Mr. Nikolaou, the Crisis Office operating at the Paphos Police is evaluating various information which it is investigating. He also continued, in the context of the investigations, vehicle stops are being made, investigations are being carried out, while various persons were summoned to the Paphos police headquarters for interrogation who may help in locating the 34-year-old and the 28-year-old. Mr. Nikolaou also said that various information is being evaluated, which is transmitted to them from time to time, such as for the movement of suspects.

Mr. Nikolaou expressed his optimism for the identification of the two persons who escaped from the legal arrest. "We are optimistic," he said, "that we will find them and arrest them again as soon as possible."

In addition, he requested the assistance of the public after the publication of their photos. Paphos Police, he said, "re-appeals to the public as anyone who knows anything that can help locate them, to contact the Paphos Police Department at 26806021, or the nearest Police Station, or the Citizen Contact Line at number 1460 or online through the category "Crime Reporting" in the application and the website of the Cyprus Police ".

For the case of the escape of the two detainees from the detention centers of the central police station of Paphos, said Mr. Nikolaou, three members of the Police have been made available by decision of the Chief of Police of Cyprus and the disciplinary investigation begins.

According to an announcement of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters, during a check that took place on Saturday morning, it was found that the above persons, who were in custody at the Paphos Central Police Station, were absent. The two wanted men are said to be involved in more than forty cases of burglary and theft, of houses and vehicles.

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