Fatal traffic accident in Larnaca: 29-year-old motorcyclist died on the asphalt

The 34-year-old driver is in the cell

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In a road collision that happened around 4.30 yesterday afternoon on the road from Meneu to Pervolia in the province of Larnaca, 29-year-old Arun Kumar from India died.

Specifically, an articulated vehicle driven by a 34-year-old man on the road above, under circumstances that are being investigated, collided with the motorcycle on which the unfortunate Kumar was riding. The motorcyclist was taken by ambulance to the Larnaca General Hospital, where the doctor on duty certified his death.

According to the tests, the motorcyclist was wearing a protective helmet while the driver of the articulated vehicle was subjected to a breathalyzer and drug test with a negative result.

Subsequently, an arrest warrant was obtained against the 34-year-old and after he was arrested he was taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

Larnaca Traffic Police continues the examinations.