They want express procedures for asylum seekers

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The bills that the Parliament is called to vote in the Plenary Session on Friday

Tomorrow, before the Plenary Session of the Parliament, 4 bills prepared by the Government will be presented and they aim at the reduction of the time required for the examination of the Asylum applications.

Specifically, before the body will be found a bill that aims to amend the Constitution in order to allow the law to set the deadline for appealing before the Administrative Court of International Protection.

76% increase in asylum applications in Cyprus
At the same time, the package of four bills aims to reduce the procedures for examining asylum applications and appeals, and the aim is to address the manifestly unfounded applications.

With the legislation that the Government wants to be passed tomorrow, it aims to drastically and overall reduce the time of the asylum examination process. The reduction specifically concerns the possibility of the applicant to file an appeal to the Administrative Court of International Protection from 75 to 15 days and an appeal to the Supreme Court from 42 to 10 days.

Finally, the bills include a modification of provisions so as to delegate the responsibility for issuing a decision on asylum and issuing the deportation decree by the same person, ie the head of the Asylum Service in order to reduce the judicial and administrative burden.

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