Distance learning in private schools and tuition centers is now institutionalized

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The discussion of draft laws for the institutionalization of distance learning from private schools and tuition centers was completed today in the Committee on Education.

The Chairman of the Education Committee Kyriakos Hatzigiannis said that there was unanimity, some changes were adopted by the Ministry of Education and the final text that will be submitted to the Plenary was formed.

"This means that both private schools and tutoring centers will be able to offer this service. "The risks are unpredictable and closing or hindering lifelong learning will be covered by distance learning," he said.

Discussion about problems in museums and archeological sites

The new policy on museums and archeological sites was also discussed in the Committee.

Mr. Hatzigiannis said that for many years there was no established policy for upgrading or operation of these spaces and for the first time the Government's proposal will upgrade them, focusing on the full accessibility of people with disabilities, their digitization and the extension of opening hours.

"We called as soon as possible to study all the ways to secure funding from the EU to upgrade all the museums, we have a rich historical tradition and it should be highlighted. To change the opening hours as soon as possible and not to operate on the basis of Public Service hours. "It was also noted in the discussion that there is a division of responsibilities between Services and Ministries", he said.

He also said that the Commission calls on the Government to proceed with a final decision for a Ministry of Culture which will put forward a comprehensive policy for these areas.

School buses - protest of the auxiliary secretarial staff of the Primary School

Regarding the 100% fullness of the school buses, Mr. Hatzigiannis said that there is no development and that parents are invited, where they can, to transport their children to avoid overcrowding. "Protocols exist and there is this weak point of decongestion, but we must say that it is not possible to change the start time of schools with the current data," he said.

For the protest of the auxiliary secretarial staff of Dimotiki, he said that he received a memorandum and characterized this staff as the heart of the operation of each primary school.

"As a State, we must recognize this role for them, we agree to make them permanent by intermittent service on a permanent basis, a dialogue is underway and we call for it to be completed as soon as possible to justify this staff," said Mr. Hatzigiannis.

Source: KYPE