The little boy with a kavasaki is positive for the coronavirus

Coronavirus, baby boy

Another death of a patient with coronavirus was recorded yesterday, while six new cases were announced, two of them concerning the two and a half year old boy who is being treated in the last days at Makareio Hospital with symptoms of "kavasaki" syndrome and his father.

The first test the child underwent was negative. Subsequently, however, he underwent a second examination in which "marginally" coronavirus was detected. Thus, it was deemed necessary to follow a third sampling which confirmed that the baby is positive for Covid-19 and so his parents were tested (privately). Following this development, Cyprus also enters the map of countries in which children who present with kavasaki disease are at the same time positive for the coronavirus, without of course this means that children are at risk. After all, since last week the Cypriot doctors have stated that they are waiting for the international developments around the issue but also the results of the studies carried out during this period and aim to link the coronavirus with the increased cases of kavasaki recorded in various countries.

The fact that the baby was finally diagnosed with coronavirus does not seem to worry the doctors, at least in terms of the development of his health since yesterday they assured that he has already started to show improvement.

As for the other four cases, they resulted from only 93 inspections which were carried out through the program "control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics". In other words, these are patients who will undergo surgeries or treatments and must be examined before being admitted to hospitals.

The six new cases were reported after a total of 1.393 laboratory diagnoses.

As for the death recorded yesterday, it concerns a 73-year-old woman, with an extremely burdensome medical history. The ultimate cause of death is considered to be Covid- 19. Therefore, the total number of deaths in HIV-positive patients is 22. Based on epidemiological data from the day the epidemic began, a total of 32 patients were admitted to the ICU.

According to yesterday's official announcement, until 3 in the afternoon, at the General Hospital of Famagusta, 11 people were hospitalized, 2 of them in the Intensive Care Unit. A total of four patients were treated by intubation, one in the Intensive Care Unit of the Limassol General Hospital and three in the Nicosia ICU. The clinical condition of all ICU patients remains critical but stable. In all hospitals, except the reference hospital, five confirmed cases are treated in a ward.

Source: philenews