Storm of reactions for the "test to stay" from teachers

"This decision abolishes the term close contact for schools, at least in the way that applies to the rest of society."

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A storm of reactions, unrest and insecurity has caused the new decision of the Council of Ministers to continue to go to school the students who are in close contact, since they are submitted daily and for five days, in a rapid test.

The issue will be raised in assemblies of educational organizations. In fact, in the POED they meet extraordinarily in order to authorize the leadership of the organization to take possible measures, even strikes. Teachers and professors spoke to "F" about two meters and two weights, stating that close contacts in the community have a different approach and another at school. "Is it possible to turn the school into a doctor's office?" They asked, among other things. Concern also prevails among organized primary school parents, who note that rapid tests in schools are constantly increasing.

Specifically, the president of OELMEK, Costas Hadjisavvas, told "F" that reactionary measures may be ruled out. "This decision abolishes the term close contact for schools, at least in the way that applies to the rest of society," he said, adding that close contact when someone is not vaccinated (like the majority of students) provides for self-restraint.

"Students will be in close contact and will continue to move around the school. There is a very serious concern. Such a decision could further aggravate the situation in schools. What happens when a case is detected? What if a student - close contact is good in the morning and gets worse at noon? Who will control it? What will happen to the teachers, will they take on the role of nurse? Why is there discrimination in managing close contact within schools and managing close contact in the community? It is a very serious issue for teachers, he said, adding that there are many risks involved.

The general secretary of POED, Haris Charalambous, also appeared in "F" with intense concern. "Why was no similar measure taken in the community, since it is so safe? What is the difference between close contact at school? Is it possible to turn the school into a doctor's office? With so many cases, nurses will need to be tested all day. What will happen to the teaching? ", He said and added:" We wonder how it is possible, while we have such an outbreak of the pandemic, to have all the children in school. In the past and in recession, we even closed a department for a case ".

"They bombard us every day with new decisions," he said. "They neither talk to us nor warn us." What is particularly worrying and upsetting among teachers is that "in essence, students who may be cases are allowed to move around for a few days at school." Besides, he said, there is also the fear that the virus will not be detected in the test.

Disagreement with organized parents as well

The positions of organized parents in front of the "test to stay" measure in schools are different. In particular, the president of the Pancyprian Confederation of Pre-primary Education, Frixos Zempylas, stated that "last week it was announced the increase of rapid tests, from one to two. Now they come, in fact, to apply them on a daily basis ", as he said many children are close contact.

He also wondered whether the measure would help keep schools open, given that they would provide quality learning time. As well as whether the sacrifices and suffering of children are worth it in exchange for the education that is now offered to them. In addition, he expressed great concern for the psychology of children. "Nobody asked us about the measures, nor did we take an advisory role." However, he said, there are already strong reactions from some parents.

The position of the president of the Pancyprian Confederation of Parents of Secondary Education, Charalambos Dionysiou, was different, who noted that they have several questions, but they are positive. "We find it positive that time is saved and that close contacts stay in school, as long as they are negative. But we need clarification. Will there be a daily workshop in all schools? If not, who will do the tests on the children? " In addition, he said the measure will make it easier for working parents, who will not have to stay home to look after their children. However, he said that a portion of parents is expected to react.