91-year-old woman victim of heatstroke

Seven cases of heat stroke were recorded in Nicosia

b asthenoforo 7 Woman, heatstroke

A 91-year-old woman died on Thursday after collapsing as a result of heatstroke.

According to statements made by the Head of the Accidents and Emergencies Department, Savva Savva to Alfa, "the 91-year-old woman, when she came to the emergency room at the Nicosia General Hospital, suffered a seizure and summarizing the events, the most likely cause is heatstroke".

According to Mr. Savva, seven cases of heatstroke were recorded in Nicosia, one of which was the 91-year-old woman.

"Most of them are elderly and possibly fall into the vulnerable groups, which are lung patients, heart patients, kidney patients, cancer patients, these are sensitive groups. There was a case with a 60-year-old who stayed for a long time in high temperature conditions and developed symptoms of heatstroke and they were quite serious, but fortunately he recovered," added Mr. Savva.

When asked if it was because of his work, he said, "no, it was in home conditions, without air conditioners."