What does the JV answer to AKEL and the Auditor General

The same is the announcement of AKEL for the Auditor General

kivernitikosekprosopos AKEL, Auditor General, Government Representative

Announcement - response issued by Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousios, regarding the announcement of AKEL. 

The announcement: 

The statement of the Parliamentary Representative of AKEL also reveals the party expediencies that the Auditor General serves with his extra-institutional, biased position and his political interventions.

The Auditor General is diverted, violates provisions of the Constitution, despises institutions and, unfortunately, damages the prestige of the institution he was called to serve, and instead of being recalled, AKEL uses the deficit and unsubstantiated "report" to build opposition policy.

Apparently it is served in this way to cover the scandals that concern it and that are documented with court decisions, image and sound.

The Government clearly considers the findings of the "report" invoked by AKEL to be non-existent.

Clearly the Auditor General's findings are the result of his distorted interpretations based on incomplete data, which he publishes with other motives, claiming that he is in a better position to interpret the letter and the spirit of the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Regarding the "report" of the Auditor General:

· The Council of Ministers in all the cases mentioned, considered and continues to consider that, the granting of these naturalizations was completely legal and within the framework of government policy.

· This policy contributed to the country's exit from the crisis and to the creation of conditions for sustainable development in the country. Instead of these cases emerging as positive elements for the development of the Cypriot economy, they are presented, due to political expediencies and other people's motives, as cases of alleged illegality or scandals.

· In order for our fellow citizens to understand what investments concern the "report" of the Auditor General, we mention that the first case concerns the Casino-Resort, which is an investment of 600 million euros. This investment until 2019, and before the completion of the final project, contributed to the state more than 20 million euros, while it spent on the one hand on salaries over 42 million euros, and on the other hand on Cypriot companies over 138 million euros. for construction and other infrastructure projects. It already provides employment on a permanent basis, to more than 700 people and as many others in the construction work that continues to be carried out. Upon completion of the project, it is estimated that it will offer around 3,000 permanent and highly paid jobs.

· The second case concerns a high-tech company of global scope, which chose Cyprus to establish its headquarters, thus making it a high-tech destination. It is noted that this is a company, which with its activity in our country has created more than 700 permanent jobs, made payments of more than 100 million euros to local suppliers, contributed to the state coffers taxes in excess of 170 million euros. In total, the direct total contribution of this company to the Cypriot economy from 2011 until today exceeds 800 million euros.

· Investments of this size try to "kill" some with their non-existent criticism and attacks.

We call on the parties, which really put the public interest above any political and partisan exploitation, to stop the populism that is detrimental to the country and to allow the independent inquiry committee to complete its work without interference. It is understood that cases which, in their opinion, constitute irregularity or scandal can be referred to the independent inquiry committee for proper investigation.

· We remind AKEL that its General Secretary was the first to raise the issue of the Auditor General requesting the creation of an Audit Council. All this changed after a meeting with Mr. Odysseas Michailidis at the AKEL Offices.

The announcement of AKEL:

The Anastasiadis-Alarm government, instead of responding to the substance of the audit service's report, resorted to threats to prosecute the auditor general because he was performing his constitutional duties.

The behavior of the government on the one hand proves its guilt in the new scandals revealed by the report of the audit service. On the other hand, it confirms the reasons why the government is trying to avoid, like the "demon" incense, the involvement of the audit service in the control of the fragile, as they became, program of honorary naturalization.

The whole behavior of the Anastasiadis-Alarm government is indicative and characteristic of a government that does not respect the institutions, does not tolerate questioning and criticism and systematically undermines the rule of law in our country.

Many were the victims of the authoritarian-authoritarian behavior of the rulers. Central bankers, chief and deputy chief of police as well as the former attorney general. In other words, any institution or independent official that does not follow the instructions of the rulers is automatically targeted.

The resistance of the society against the authoritarian methods of the rulers is now an imperative necessity for the defense of Democracy and the rule of law.

Furthermore, society demands answers from the rulers for the new scandals that are being revealed in relation to the gold passport industry that they have set up, repeatedly exposing and dragging our country internationally.

Source: Sigmalive