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Clarifications of the Ministry of Education for the operation of schools and tuition centers

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From Monday, December 14, until the interruption of the classes for the Christmas holidays, the Lyceums, the Technical Schools and the corresponding classes in private schools, as well as the Higher Education Institutions will operate with e-learning procedures, without the attendance of the students. / three in schools and students / three in educational institutions, states, in an announcement after the latest decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Decree issued, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (YPPAN).

He notes that the Lyceums and the Technical Schools will continue the lessons with a distance learning process, based on the planning that has been done in all the schools, and therefore, the students are invited to take care, so that with the use of the individual account they have in the e-learning system, to participate in the distance education classes that will operate.

It also states that according to the Decree, all team sports or other extracurricular activities for children up to 31 years of age are suspended until 18 December.

The Operation of Private Tutoring / Private Training Centers is Suspended

In another announcement regarding the operation of Private Tuition Centers / Private Training Centers, following the current Decree of the Minister of Health dated 09/12/2020, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth clarifies that from Monday 14/12/2020 the operation of all approved Private Tuition Centers / Private Training Centers, of all levels (Primary, Secondary Education and for adults) is suspended.

Of course, e-learning is allowed, as well as teaching with the physical presence of up to two people, including the instructor.

Source: KYPE