What does the Civil Defense recommend for dealing with snowfall and frost

See in detail the recommendations of the Civil Defense

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The Civil Defense made recommendations to the public to deal with the snowfall and the frost.

The Civil Defense urges the public to prepare in time, especially if you are in mountainous / semi-mountainous areas and to check the water supply network, the pipes and the glass of the solar water heater, to make sure that the gutters are clean and working properly, to make sure that the outside pipes are insulated, otherwise make sure they are insulated as soon as possible, make sure that antifreeze is installed in the solar water heater, while otherwise, take care of its installation, supply heating material and food for several days, procure cleaning equipment (eg shovels), to equip his vehicle with the necessary means for dealing with extreme weather events (anti-skid chains, antifreeze, umbrella, waterproof jacket and boots, etc.), to make sure that he is constantly informed about the development of weather phenomena and condition of the road network.

During snowfall and frost, Civil Defense advises the public to avoid travel.

"If it is absolutely necessary to move, use anti-skid chains and inform your relatives about the route you will follow. It is best to travel during the day using main roads. Avoid driving in inaccessible mountainous areas, keep low speeds and keep safe distances from oncoming vehicles », he adds.

He also states that in case someone is on the road and his vehicle is immobilized, he should stay in it and place a brightly colored cloth on the radio antenna or other visible place, so that the rescue teams can locate him.

"Turn on the vehicle engine for 10 minutes per hour and keep the exhaust clear of snow. Limit indoors by keeping them warm. Do not let children go out unaccompanied. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Prefer to dress with several layers of light and warm clothes instead of a heavy one. Do not waste water and limit activities that require increased water consumption (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.). If the water pipes freeze, turn off the main water supply switch and call a plumber ", concludes the Civil Defense, in its recommendations to the public.