Dr. Maria Koliou: What will the Cypriot epidemiologists do with the end of the pandemic

Dr. Maria Koliou spoke about the future of the Scientific Advisory Committee

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Dr. Maria Koliou spoke about the future of the Advisory Scientific Committee, speaking on Radio Proto.

He initially said that the difficult point in any pandemic is the number of intubations that he said have dropped to two.

"The average patient who is hospitalized is 75 years old, which is why the fourth dose is being discussed at this age. As far as intubation is concerned, fortunately it remains low because this is our criterion to proceed to a new phase of monitoring and relaxation of the measures ", said Dr. Koliou.

Regarding the possibility of relaxation, he said that what is being discussed is not to do the way of surveillance that is done today.

That is, the rapid tests that are now performed in an asymptomatic world will be greatly reduced. That is, where 100 thousand people were checked, 40 thousand will be checked or we should check only the accidental ones ".

He later explained that the virus will not go away, "The virus will not go away, good or bad will stay with us and this is what everyone and the World Health Organization say that the pandemic will not end here.

"We are now in a phase of the coronavirus that is highly contagious but has a low morbidity," said Dr. Koliou.

Asked about the future of the Scientific Advisory Committee after the end of the pandemic, he said, "We discussed it with the Minister of Health and it was suggested because there is a prediction that other bad things will happen to us in public health, ie other pandemics are predicted by scientists and other viruses. or micro-organisms that need supervision, it seems that the Ministry is also thinking of setting up a committee on a permanent basis, which will in some way advise the Ministry and the ministry service that deals with supervision on these issues.

Listen at 12:16 to what Dr. Maria Koliou said