Her husband got her out of the car before the 53-year-old was abducted on foot

Her husband got her out of the car before the 53-year-old was abducted on foot

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Police handcuffed the 54-year-old partner of the 53-year-old British woman who is being treated at the Nicosia Hospital. The 53-year-old was abducted by a vehicle on the road Kathika - Pegeia on Saturday night.

According to information, the accident was the occasion to reveal that the 53-year-old woman is a victim of domestic violence, with the result that the Police proceeded to arrest her partner today.

According to the evidence before the Police, the couple seems to have had a confrontation while they were in the vehicle. The 54-year-old stopped the vehicle at a point on the road where he lowered the 53-year-old woman, as a result of which he was then beaten by a passing vehicle.

The 54-year-old was before a court today where a two-day detention order was issued against him.

The events of the accident

According to the information under investigation, a car driven by a 30-year-old French tourist with a co-driver, also 27 years old, also from France from Kathikas to Pegeia, under conditions under investigation, allegedly dragged and injured the pedestrian, who at that moment was trying to cross the road in the forest area of ​​the "dense" from right to left, according to the course of the vehicle.

The 53-year-old British woman was first transported by ambulance to Paphos General Hospital and then due to the criticality of her health condition, she was transported for treatment to Nicosia General Hospital where she is still being treated in an extremely critical condition.

Source: Sigmalive