The 50% child allowance will be given for students with many children, said Yf. Welfare

Until obtaining a first degree, up to 23 years for girls and 24 years for boys

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50% of the child allowance will be paid for students with large families until obtaining a first degree, the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Marilena Evangelou, said on Sunday, noting that the number of potential beneficiaries is 3.860 families with large children.

In her greeting, Mrs. Evangelou, representing the President of the Republic of Cyprus at the 16th Regular Pan-Cypriot Conference of the Pan-Cypriot Organization of Many Children, made reference to the support measures for those with many children, assuring that the government and the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare will continue to be their helpers and companions.

Referring to the current international and economic developments, she said that in this context, measures were taken a few days ago that also strengthen large families, saying that some of them refer to requests of years of the World Organization of Large Children, such as the inclusion of students from large families for allowance purposes child.

The Deputy Minister explained that 50% of the child benefit will be paid to this new category of beneficiaries and it concerns students from large families until they obtain their first degree, up to 23 years for girls and 24 years for boys, as long as they are students. He noted that the number of potential beneficiaries is 3.860 families with many children who receive child benefit with the fiscal cost estimated at approximately 3.3 million euros.

In addition, he mentioned that another strengthening measure is the 5% increase in the child allowance, with a budgetary cost of 3.7 million euros, which concerns almost 60 thousand citizens, among them families with many children.

Mrs. Evangelou pointed out that both of the aforementioned measures are permanent and therefore need legislative regulation.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister said that the Christodoulidis Government, from the first moment, focused on the issues that concern those with many children and made reference to the Government's decisions that were taken.

Among other things, he said that a one-time summer allowance was given to those families who were entitled to child benefit and had three or more dependent children, amounting to 70 euros per child for each family with three dependent children and 100 euros per child for families with 4 or more dependent children. He noted that the total number of children benefited was about 25.000 and the amount spent was about 2 million euros.

He also said that the Honorary Allowance for Mothers of Many Children has been increased by 50 euros for the benefit of 16.000 mothers of many children, so that, from 2023 onwards, the annual amount will rise, depending on the income category, to 250, 300 or 450 euros, with an annual expenditure 800.000 euros.

Mrs. Evangelou also referred to the expansion of the New Tuition Subsidy and Feeding Plan for Children up to 4 years of age, through which all beneficiaries of the child benefit can now benefit, saying that for the school year 2023-2024 the potential beneficiaries are estimated at about 21 thousand children.

In addition, the Deputy Minister stated that through other programs of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, such as the State Aids Scheme of Minor Importance, cooperation with Local Government authorities and other non-governmental organizations is promoted, for the operation of family support programs and especially regarding the operation child care programs.

In addition, Mrs. Evangelou said, within the framework of the development of care and employment programs for preschool children in the mountain communities, the Kalopanagioti and Pachnas childcare centers have already been operational, while the completion of the Agia Marina Xyliatou and Trimiklini childcare centers is also expected within this year.

"We are also implementing the 'Baby Dowry' project, which has been extended to the new programming period as part of the "THALEA 2021-2027" Program with co-financing from the European Social Fund", said the Deputy Minister.

At the same time, he pointed out that through the Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026, the Republic of Cyprus is given the opportunity, both for the creation of new social care structures, and for the upgrading or expansion of existing structures, i.e. childcare centers and Child Protection and Employment Centers for children up to 4 years old and from 6-13 years old, as well as child care centers, i.e. nurseries, for ages up to 4 years old.

He also reminded that a few days ago, the Minister of the Interior announced a comprehensive Housing Policy plan for middle and low income strata as well as for the vulnerable.

Mrs. Evangelou mentioned that the government of Nikos Christodoulidis, as well as herself personally, as Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, attach particular importance to the support of families with many children, but also to the development of policies that strengthen the family and the reconciliation of professional and family life.