Coca-Cola and four other EU-protected products

21 Kolokasi, Protected Products

EU quality policy aims to protect the names of specific products in order to promote their unique characteristics, linked to their geographical origin as well as to traditional know-how.

Under this system, product names registered as geographical indications are legally protected against counterfeiting and misuse within the EU and in third countries where a specific protection agreement has been signed.

For all quality systems, the competent authorities of each EU Member State shall take the necessary measures to protect the registered names in their territory. They must also prevent and stop the illicit production or marketing of products using such a name.

Non-European product names may also be entered as geographical indications if their country of origin has a bilateral or regional agreement with the EU, which includes the mutual protection of those names.

The names of various products (wine, food, aromatized wines and spirits) produced in many non-EU countries, such as Colombia or South Africa, are protected.

In Cyprus there are five products that have been registered in the EU. Kolokasi Sotiras has been registered as a Protected Designation of Origin - PDO. The Sweet Field Rose, the Geroskipou Almond Candies, the Paphitiko Sausage and the Geroskipou Turkish Delight have been registered as a Protected Geographical Indication - PGI.

What does Protected Designation of Origin mean?

The PDO for a product is essentially the name which identifies a product that is produced, processed and manufactured in a defined geographical area according to defined specifications, with the raw materials of its production also coming from the given geographical area, while the quality or its characteristics are directly related to that area.

What does Protected Geographical Indication mean?

PGI is the name that identifies a product that has been produced or processed or prepared in a specific geographical area according to defined specifications, but its production / manufacturing ingredients do not necessarily come from that geographical area, while quality, its reputation or other characteristic is directly related to the given area.

There is, however, a third indication, although we do not have products in Cyprus that belong to this category. These are the Guaranteed Traditional Specific Products - EPIP that concern agricultural products and food with a traditional character, either in the composition or in the means of production.

Source: sigmalive