The Russian spy's trip to Cyprus – The revealing information

The trip in question came under the microscope of the National Intelligence Service

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The spy Tsalla met her husband in Cyprus. According to Greek publications, the spy allegedly met her Brazilian husband in Cyprus.

The trip in question came under the microscope of the National Intelligence Service. This is a trip she made together with her Brazilian husband.
As iEidiseis reveals, on one of her trips the 35-year-old met her husband, who is also a spy, who had allegedly settled in Brazil from the same espionage "center."

The trip to Cyprus was the only one, at least according to the information of the Greek Authorities, in which "Maria Tsalla" met her husband for life. Many scenarios are being considered as to why this trip was made. One version described as possible is that the two met their handler there. That is, the man who from the beginning gave them the directions on how to unfold their espionage activity.

The National Intelligence Service officials knew that the 35-year-old Russian woman kept in touch with her husband while he was in Brazil and she was in Athens. This had resulted - among other things - from the "scanning" of "Maria's" social media accounts. According to information, a user with the name "commercial da 3d rio" had commented under one post. This user was her Brazilian partner, as the investigation revealed.
In the meantime, research from now on moves in two directions. The responsible officials are examining the professional past of the lawyer who had undertaken the Greekization of the 35-year-old.

This lawyer, with offices in Exarchia, passed away about two years ago from an ischemic attack. Authorities are looking into his past to see if he has ever taken on cases similar to this Russian spy. A lawyer from Evia also comes under the microscope, who allegedly helped the 35-year-old to register in the Aliveri census.

The lawyer's wife reportedly stated that she is hosting "Maria" in Evia, in order to register her in the census.

Well-informed sources report that the investigation into what really happened at the Amarousiou registry office, where the Russian woman obtained her birth certificate, continues under strict secrecy.

The EYP has forwarded its information to the Police who are conducting an investigation to find out who was the one who "collaborated" with "Maria" to succeed. The EYP officials noticed that the paper that was cut from the relevant book of the registry office had exactly the same handwriting as the paper that was replaced. On the paper cut the real Maria Tsalla, born in 1991, had died as a child, while on the replaced paper "Maria Tsalla" had never died.