"He killed him and buried him in an unknown place - The 25-year-old is making the investigation difficult"

Initial fears began to be confirmed regarding the case of the disappearance of Angel Pericles

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Initial fears began to be confirmed regarding the case of the disappearance of Angel Pericles.

According to what he said to SIGMA and the program Protoselido, the head of the TAE Paphos, Lefteris Kyriakou, the disappearance of Perikleos was linked to a criminal act, but in the course of the examinations written testimony was secured that Perikleos had been murdered and buried in an unknown place.

Regarding the main suspect (i.e. the 25-year-old hacker), Lefteris Kyriakou stated that "the fact that the suspect respects his right to remain silent, which is his constitutional right, makes it difficult for the investigative work and investigations of the police. But we will not stop, the investigations continue at an intensive pace. We are taking statements and we hope that we will be able to locate the place where Pericles is buried."

He then added that "it's one of the most difficult cases when you haven't even found the body. It is one of the most difficult cases...".

According to Lefteris Kyriakou, apart from the testimony of the 25-year-old hacker's uncle, there are others. Nevertheless, the testimony of the 25-year-old's uncle was of decisive importance. According to his testimony, Pericles received a number of shots.

Finally, the mother of the 25-year-old hacker has been accused in writing on Tuesday 2/5 and was released while the crime of complicity after the commission of the crime is being investigated against her.

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Source: Sigmalive