Tornaritis: draconian measures if deviations outside the stadiums continue

The possibility of banning fans from entering the stadiums is open

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If in the next few days the deviations outside the playing fields continue, draconian measures will be taken, explained on Wednesday the President of the Parliamentary Committee for Legal Affairs, Nikos Tornaritis, who emphasized that a decision may be taken to ban fans from entering the stadiums.

In his statements, on the occasion of the disturbances that unfolded on the highway and in the vicinity of the GSP stadium, after the end of the football match APOEL - AEL, Mr. Tornaritis mentioned that a few months ago there was a session at the Legal Committee, in which Union Presidents and fans were called and otherwise how and in which they reached certain conclusions and the fans returned to the stadiums.

It seems, he said, “that some misunderstood the intentions and the deliberations of the Committee of Jurists. If the deviations continue in the next few days, which are presented, in particular, outside the playing fields, stricter measures will be taken."

According to Nikos Tornaritis "the laws will become strict and the law enforcement agencies will bring those responsible to justice, within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, which are already strict".

He explained that "we are not going to continue witnessing these images every weekend, which threaten to take the lives of our fellow citizens", while he gave a deadline of 15 days for everyone to come to their senses and whoever has responsibility to undertake it.

"If the situation continues, the laws will become draconian. We will, perhaps, also be led to ban fans from entering the stadiums," he said.

He added that they will proceed with the examination of all legislation "and we will do whatever is in our power to protect public safety and peace".

Source: KYPE