The first hunt "cost" them - "Stingier fine" to 2 hunters

Fine for 20-year-olds and 42-year-olds - Violations

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A case of non-compliance with a gamekeeper's signal in violation of the Law on the Protection of Birds and Wild Game is being investigated by the Police against a 20-year-old as well as hunting in a forbidden area against a 42-year-old.

According to the Police, the 20-year-old young man allegedly failed to stop yesterday at 15:30 in a signal of a gamekeeper in the camp area of ​​Polis Chrysochous.

Then he stopped. The 20-year-old was then fined 2 thousand euros while his beam was received and taken to the police station for custody.

Besides, in a second case in Simou, again yesterday, a 42-year-old man was found, who is said to have been hunting in a forbidden area, as a result of which he was also issued an extrajudicial fine of 2 thousand euros. His beam was also received.

The examinations for both cases continue.