Tempi tragedy: "Responsibility has no color - When you lose a child, you don't come back"

The representative and lawyer of the victims in Tempi, Apostolos Lytras, on the occasion of the resumption of railway services, spoke to SIGMA

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The representative and lawyer of the victims in Tempi, Apostolos Lytras, on the occasion of the resumption of the railway services, spoke to SIGMA.

The lawyer of the victims referred to the continuation of the investigations to identify the responsibilities, saying that "Many mistakes have been made, we are not only talking about the error of the station master, which is a given. There are many mistakes and many responsible in my opinion. I think people from the companies, Hellenic train and OSE will also be accused. As in the Ministry of Transport, because if they were aware of this lack of security measures and allowed people to travel by train, then there is a very serious issue of responsibility."

According to the lawyer, a political confrontation is observed, explaining that "Unfortunately, we see the following issue which does not impress me, we have seen it again that there is a political confrontation as if it is of interest to the families of the victims and all of us who have experienced this national tragedy, what color has the responsibility. Responsibility has no color, many people are really to blame for what happens over time. The people who are watching everything that is happening, these confrontations around this issue, the only thing that creates them is anger and rage."

Apostolos Lytras, as he revealed, is in close contact with the victims' families every day. "The families of the victims are in a tragic situation and will be for many years. I think that a person who loses a child will never return to a normal state. There are no words. When I talk to him, the last thing they are interested in is the court issues, no one cares, they just wait for an answer."

In fact, Mr. Apostolos referred to a phone call he received from the family of one of the passengers who was in the sixth carriage, who has not suffered any physical damage, however, when he got out of the carriage and saw what happened, the child is currently dealing with a lot of psychological problems. As he refuses to go to university to continue, he does not leave the house. Pointing out in this way that apart from the seriously injured there are people who face such issues.

Regarding the compensations that the families of the victims will receive, he stated that "According to European law, the company is obliged to compensate. What I said when we pay the money not to sign something that will create a problem like waiving any of their rights."

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