Injury of a police officer with a knife while receiving a person for compulsory treatment

He threatened to set fire, did not cooperate and then pulled out a knife,

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A 36-year-old citizen pulled out a knife and allegedly injured a police officer, while in another he caused bruises when they went to pick him up with a mandatory hospitalization order.

According to a representative of the Paphos Police Directorate, a decree of compulsory hospitalization was issued to a 36-year-old person. Members of the Paphos Police Department went to the place to pick it up last night, however the specific person allegedly threatened to set fire, they did not cooperate and after he pulled out a knife, he allegedly injured a member of the force in the hand. A second police officer is said to have caused abrasions and bruises in various places.

The two police officers were transferred to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Paphos General Hospital, where they were discharged after receiving first aid.

The 36-year-old was then picked up by the police and transported first to the Paphos General Hospital and then to the Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital for compulsory treatment.