Triple gold / copper stock in Mitsero: "Encouraging data ..."

The company reports that gold mining occurs in several areas of the deposit, along with zinc and silver

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Particularly encouraging are the ore reserves in the area of ​​the Kokkinogia mine in Mitsero. According to a relevant announcement of Venus Minerals.

The company reports that it has made an updated valuation of the deposit and finds that the reserves of Kokkinogia are about three times more than the calculations made so far.

The company also reports that gold mining occurs in several areas of the deposit, along with zinc and silver. The company's recent drilling program confirmed the existence of 12,3 million tons of ore. The copper content in the stock ranges from 0,31% to 2,25%, while the corresponding gold content ranges from 0,27 to 0,57 grams per tonne.

How the Mining Service comments on the findings

According to the Mining Service, the production of gold-silver by the method of cyanosis (extraction of piles / absorption - desorption with activated carbon / electrification) from mined gold reserves has been temporarily suspended until new stocks are secured.

In terms of metal research activities, there has been an increasing interest in gold and copper. In recent years, there are about 61 review permits for gold, copper and generally mixed sulfide ores that cover the whole of free Cyprus in an area of ​​about 142 square kilometers, while another 15 applications are under consideration.

SigmaLive asked the Head of Service for a comment on the results published by Venus Minerals. Mr. Stelios Michael told SigmaLive that officially no results have been submitted to the Mining Service, which document a financially exploitable deposit.

However, Michael added in his statements to SigmaLive that "there is encouraging data but all the data should be evaluated first".