Heavy bell in a pub in Paphos - Dancing people were spotted

Out-of-court fine of € 3.000 is required to be paid by the owner


An owner of a recreation center - brewery in Kato Paphos is required to pay an extrajudicial fine of € 3.000, for violating the decree of the Law on Disinfection.

According to the Police, in the context of checks for the Law on Disinfection, members of the Paphos Police Directorate complained yesterday to the owner of a brewery for violating the decree of the Law on Disinfection, after patrons were found dancing inside their company.

The owner of the brewery was fined 3000 euros.

The controls for the observance of the decree of the Law on Disinfection continue on a daily basis. It is noted that in Paphos, 1.051 inspections were carried out yesterday with 8 complaints from citizens outside the owner of the premises.