Suffering the test registration platform for Covid

Citizens who suffer daily for a digital rapid test result are dealing with pharmacists.

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Citizens who suffer daily for a digital rapid test result are dealing with pharmacists. Problems with the scoreboard have caused headaches for pharmacists who perform antigen-fast tests but are not responsible for what happens. 

At a time when the government requires children aged 6 and over and citizens to undergo a rapid test at least once a week, they are faced with several problems that mainly concern the digital certification system. Speaking to "F", the president of the Limassol Pharmaceutical Association, Grigoris Grigoriou, stated that the conduct of the tests has become a big issue for them, pointing out that three main problems are identified.

As he explained, some rapid test results are too late to be sent, with the citizens being on hold since in order to be able to go anywhere, they will have to indicate their result in digital form. The second problem, according to Mr. Grigoriou, is that the citizens, while receiving the message on their mobile phone, by clicking on the link that leads them to the EUDCC platform, are not shown the new test result but the old one, which is also invalid.

"What I mention happened to me personally but also to many customers", noted Mr. Grigoriou, it is pointed out that the third problem is presented on the platform after several times blocks the result that they themselves can not register the results of citizens in the system. "What is happening is unacceptable. People immediately expect the result so that they can go to work, students can go to school. People even need it to go to the supermarket. There is a lot of trouble, there is noise and nuisance. Customers come and ask us for the money back ".

He added that what they are asking for as pharmacists is to solve the problem which is not due to them. "The authorities call on the citizens to go to the pharmacies and throw the 'ball' at us. They know very well that the problem is not with us but with the system of this platform ". He also explained that all this was created from the moment the results of the rapid tests were integrated into the system of the electronic form through the platform.

The president of the Limassol Pharmaceutical Association brought another problem which, as he said, he found out. "I did a test on my child and came to the pharmacy to register it. My daughter was sent a message, however, that her test took place yesterday. "This is a simple example to see the problems that exist." pointed out. He also said that the pharmacist after the registration of the test on the platform has no responsibility, while he noted that in cases where some wrong information is passed, they themselves proceed immediately to correction.

In her statements on Alpha TV, the Curator of Clinical Laboratories, Karolina Stylianou, when asked about the problem of digital test results, noted that there were some problems on the platform, however efforts were made to solve it and since last Monday, it works without problems.