They put heating oil and kerosene in their cars

"It may save money today, but it will cause problems later on, where they will pay double and triple"

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A reduction of around 7,5 cents per liter has been recorded in the price of petrol so far, according to the president of the Cypriot Consumers' Association, Marios Drousiotis.

As Mr. Drousiotis mentioned in the program Morning Itinerary of the third program of RIK, the price of heating oil decreased by 7 cents, while the price of diesel by 9 cents.

This reduction is "a breath of fresh air for consumers, who couldn't stand a single cent more", he stressed.

"A reduction of one more cent is foreseen, but we do not know how much the next load arriving in Cyprus will fluctuate", added Mr. Drousiotis.

As he explained, from January 1, 2022, the increase in fuel prices reached 40%, with a 52 cent increase in the price of gasoline, 58 cents in the price of heating oil and 57 cents in the price of diesel.

According to Mr. Drousiotis, consumers started using heating oil for their cars.

Indicatively, he cited data from the Statistical Service, where the increase in the price of heating oil in June 2021, compared to 2022, amounted to 22,2%.

Kerosene also recorded an increase in sales, as 172 tons were sold this year, compared to 2021 when 61 tons were sold from gas stations.

"The consumption of kerosene and heating oil in cars can create problems for the engine, as can gasoline from the occupied areas," underlined Mr. Drousiotis.

As he noted, "modern cars five, six years old or even older have two filters in a common barrel, where one filter reduces the export of microparticles into the environment and the other is the catalyst that reduces the export of toxic gases. In the two years of this type of use, the filters do not work and it is necessary to replace them with the purchase of new ones worth 3.000 euros", he added.

"We may be saving money today, but it will cause problems at a later stage, where they will pay double and triple, because the specifications are not the same, as they have a higher percentage of sulfur, just like heating oil, where in addition to destroying vehicle engines, they cause and pollution of the environment", Mr. Drousiotis concluded.

Source: economytoday