A mobile unit is coming out on the streets for a 3,000 corona test to workers

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The sampling of 20,000 workers in retail and construction companies returning to work today begins with the first phase of lifting the restrictive measures imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The free tests were distributed as follows: 14,000 for retail workers (excluding ovens supermarket staff, etc.) and 6,000 construction workers. 

The Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health Margarita Kyriakou explained that for the employees of the construction sector there will be a mobile unit that will go for on-site inspections in the buildings, while other employees will be examined by appointment in the private laboratories participating in the program.

"Emphasis will be placed on large-scale companies and construction sites. There will be three thousand exams from the mobile unit and three thousand by appointment in the laboratories. "

Ms. Kyriakou stated that the process will be completed on May 25, while the participating laboratories are already obliged to give the results within 48 hours.

"For companies that employ up to ten people, one person should be considered. From ten to thirty, three people should be examined and from thirty and over ten people. If an employer wants all staff to be examined, a private examination must be arranged. "

As far as the provision of masks is concerned, quantities have already been given to employers' organizations to partially meet the needs and companies can contact them to receive masks. To meet additional needs, this should be done by employers.

Source: alphanews.live