VIDEO: Fierce beating of a student in a high school - Kicks in the face

He was furiously hitting her in the face and others were celebrating

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A shocking video has been circulating on social media for the last few hours showing the beating of a female student in a high school in the district of Pafos

According to PafosPress two schoolgirls were caught holding hands today with one throwing the other down and hitting her violently in the face using both her hands and feet.

The student who fell to the ground tries in vain to fend off the punches while also receiving kicks to the face and head.

The fact that the whole incident is taking place in the presence of at least twenty students in the school yard is also saddening, who instead of preventing the fight, joke and laugh.

The Police are aware of the incident, but no complaint has been made. A police visit to the school is expected tomorrow.
According to PafosPress, the Ministry of Education has also been informed, while the parents of the students involved were also informed, who wanted the confrontation and the fight to "end" without further ramifications.