VIDEO: Two little girls fell into a 40-meter borehole - Business from PY

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A video of the rescue of an 11,5-year-old girl was published on social media by the Press Representative of the Fire Service, Andreas Kettis. It is noted that the girl's brother dared and climbed the drill pipe and traveled a vertical distance of 40 meters and notified their parents.

This announcement:

Once again our predictions are verified. Next time we won't be so lucky.

Days ago and after repeated calls to retrieve mainly animals from open wells with risks to our members during rescue operations, we appealed to both private individuals and all relevant State agencies to inspect and secure open wells and wells.

Today, the Fire Service with our members, rescuers from Nicosia Fire Stations, rescued an 11.5 year old child (girl) from a 40 meter deep water hole, fortunately without any obvious serious injury. The little girl along with her 9.5 year old sister ended up at the bottom of the hole when while they were playing carelessly, the completely rough covering of the hole in the yard of a residence in the Municipality of Lakatamia gave way.

They remained there for 2.5 hours calling for help with no response until the 9.5-year-old girl took the plunge and climbed the drill pipe and descended 40 meters to the surface and alerted their parents. Well done to the girls for their bravery and courage.

Well done to our members of the Nicosia Fire Stations for the impeccable and successful rescue operation.