VIDEO: US news anchor suffers stroke on air

suffers a stroke while presenting the news of NASA's rocket launch postponement.


The moment Julie Chin, local news anchor for Tulsa, Oklahoma's KJRH Channel 2, suffers a stroke while reporting on the postponement of a NASA rocket launch is making the internet rounds.

Chin begins to stutter and realizes that something is going on, and her face appears to be distorted.

"I'm sorry, something has been wrong with me since this morning and I apologize to everyone," says the news anchor, scrolling through the weather report. In the parallel window with the station meteorologist, Chin looks horrified as she tries to say sorry again.

Her colleagues called an ambulance and took her to hospital where she was diagnosed with the beginnings of a stroke.

Chin overcame the danger and later wrote on Facebook: “The episode happened out of the blue. I was completely fine but during the shift things started happening. Initially I lost my sight in one eye. Then my hand started to go numb. I knew I was in serious trouble when I couldn't pronounce the words in front of me."