British Government: No plans for direct flights to occupied territories

The British government "does not recognize the self-proclaimed PRC as an independent state"

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The British government "does not recognize the self-proclaimed Cyprus as an independent state" and "has no plans to authorize direct flights between the United Kingdom and northern Cyprus," British Europe Minister Leo Doherty clarified in response to a written parliamentary question.

The question was asked by Conservative MP Brendan Clarke Smith and was about whether there have been discussions with other countries about starting direct flights to the occupied territories.

In his reply, the Minister of Europe added that the British government's position on this is in line with the rest of the international community, "with the sole exception of Turkey".

Mr. Doherty added that the United Kingdom recognizes the Republic of Cyprus as the sovereign entity on the island of Cyprus.

"Therefore, the British government cannot negotiate an air agreement with the administration in the north of Cyprus," concluded the minister.

With a second question, the same MP asked to be informed what measures are being taken by the Foreign Office to support British citizens living in the occupied territories in the context of the "ban" on direct flights.

The answer in this case was given by the Deputy Minister of Transport Jesse Norman, who reiterated that under the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation only the Republic of Cyprus could designate the occupied Tymbou airport as an international airport and give permission for international flights there.

“This means that there can be no direct air services between the north of Cyprus and the UK. Ultimately, a just and lasting solution on the island is the best chance to resolve these complex issues. The UK's commitment to helping all parties achieve this solution remains unwavering," concluded the British Secretary of State.

Source: KYPE