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Next Monday there will be explanations for the public opposition at a critical time for the pandemic

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Secondly, in a way, the last twenty-four hours have passed the major issue increase in epidemiological indicators due to the serious disagreements that have arisen in pandemic containment operations. The serious objections made publicly by two members of the scientific body that contributes to the work of the government, have raised a number of questions, especially at a time when there are strong concerns about a difficult winter. Konstantinos Tsiotis and Christos Petrou, openly, disagreed with the policy of the Ministry of Health, as a result of which the possibility of the crisis culminating with the resignations of the two from the Advisory Committee is hovering threateningly. A development that would undoubtedly be a blow to the calm climate required at this stage and a disorientation from the main goal which is to tackle the new emerging outbreak of the virus. The scenario is expected to be clarified in the meeting that the Minister of Health Michalis Hatzipandelas will have with the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee next Monday, a meeting that will take place on the initiative of the Minister of Health.

The desired

At Monday's meeting, Mr. Hadjipandelas is expected to intervene with firefighters in order to end the public confrontation there. In this spirit, the attitude of the Ministry of Health was not to be placed, in response, to what the two members of the TEU posed to the Liberal Party. The logic of ending the whole issue immediately, from a different point of view, is supported by some other members of the TEU who, unofficially, characterize the public confrontation as unnecessary and at the most difficult time. In a first post, members of the TEU told "K" that what matters now is not the exchange of criticism but the focus of all on how to deal with the emerging new outbreak of the pandemic. At a time when representatives of other European countries at their last meeting, were expressing serious concerns about the aggression and the effects of the Delta mutation.

The "guerrillas"

The first side effects from the externalization of the disagreements in the management part of the pandemic, became visible only twenty-four hours later. The whole issue erupted from the intense publicity that was given, as a result of which the first rumors about resignations from the TEU appeared. In addition to pandemic management issues, the alleged changes in the mechanism assisting the pandemic management team will play a key role in developments. The meeting is expected to clarify whether the sudden re-establishment of the National Vaccination Committee, the new composition of which was announced when the fire broke out, will be accompanied by new responsibilities which will be removed from the TEU. In such a case, it should not be considered unlikely that one or some members of the TEU will follow the example of Leontios Kostrikis, who left the TEU voluntarily last February.

The disagreements

Konstantinos Tsiotis and Christos Petrou warned of a difficult winter, which epidemiologically can not be addressed with the policy pursued. The two members of the TEU disagree with the government's reasoning that the number of victims of the virus would be multiple if it were not for the vaccines and now that the number is small. Christos Petros considers that the vaccination program has stalled and that the movements that are made have the characteristic of impressing. In this regard, Mr. Petrou cites as an example the administration of the 3rd dose to 18 and over at a time when, as he says, a large percentage of those aged 45 and under remain unvaccinated or with the first dose of the vaccine.