Spring allergies are starting - What to watch out for

"It's something we look forward to and something that comes up in the springtime."

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The Ministry of Health announced yesterday 14 deaths from influenza, with this number causing concern.

Speaking to Mesimeri and Kati, Dr. Haris Armeutis said that "even one death from any disease is something that saddens us and worries us. We always have to go into the process of looking if we could have prevented these serious effects.

During this period, together with covid, we had a strong flu problem and flu hospitalizations. These troubling cases are the ones that need to be hospitalized because they may develop some of the complications of the flu."

He later spoke about hay fever saying that "it's something we expect and something that comes up in the springtime.

If patients have symptoms, they must follow their medication, determine the time period of using the medication, and do it correctly so that there are no complications.