Maurikiou bursts out about Kasselakis: "What is politics in Greece? Test animal;"

Strong reactions in Cyprus for the unacceptable statement of Stefanos Kasselakis, who called the pseudo-state a "state"

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For the unacceptable statements of Stefanos Kasselakis about the Occupied Territories, a storm of reactions broke out, especially from all those people who have lived the history of Cyprus.

Maurikios Maurikiou made statements to Super Katerina, showing his obvious irritation with the SYRIZA candidate president and expressed his concern in case Kasselakis takes over the Prime Ministership since he has no idea about anything.

"Fires have been lit here in Cyprus. I am right-wing, my godfather is Anastasiadis, I have not hidden it. For the first time I had feelings of sympathy for someone on the left. I saw a person with appetite, with an opinion, strong, but really this ignorance that we all saw after this statement, has troubled me a lot and not only me, all of Cyprus and the new generation that is passionate about these issues.

I can't accept that this thing is a slip. If you see the statement, a few seconds later, the journalist tells him "you are talking about the pseudo-state" and there he does not correct, to realize what he said. After so many hours the answer came and it is another communication. This is what I saw. Then it was updated. He consciously said that the pseudo-state, which has spilled so much blood, is a state.

I'm scared of the scenario if something goes wrong in the Mitsotakis government, this man could be at the helm of the country the day after tomorrow. How do we know what gaps it has in other subjects? What is politics in Greece? Is it a lab animal? Can't he go learn and claim in 5 years? Should he do it now? It's not just my opinion, it's what I hear from a lot of people here. There is no further discussion here."